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1. Is my information secure?

Answer: Yes. Our website host is HIPPA compliant and hosts many Fortune 500 companies that handle sensitive and personal information on various levels.

2. Can I link to my Hudl, YouTube, Krossover or other videos?

Answer: Yes. Your videos are hyperlinked and coaches can view your videos immediately when you share.

3. Do you accept purchase orders?

Answer: Yes. Simply contact us at and let us know the number of student athletes in your program and we will send a registration packet which includes a W-9. Once you receive the PO# we will begin setting up your coaches and student athletes in the system.

4. Do you have a mobile app?

Answer: Yes! This app is used to view and share. It’s best to use your PC to enter information into your SportsFolio.

5. How is MySportsFolio different than a recruiting website?

Answer: We are an educational based website that allows student athletes, parents and coaches the same ability to share your SportsFolio with interested coaches or other college administrators. We offer workshops, newsletters and reminders for important milestones.

6. How much does a subscription cost?

Answer: There are several cost-effective options. If a booster club, athletic director, head coach or club director decides to pay for the team – then it is free for student athletes in that program! You may also subscribe individually for only $69 a year. Just go to the Players page and choose one of those options.

7. Is MySportsFolio, LLC a licensed company?

Answer: Yes, we are licensed, bonded and insured.

8. What are the benefits of using MySportsFolio?

Answer: MySportsFolio is an easy- to-use, one- stop resource for high school student athletes, parents and coaches. We are an educational-based program focused on serving the needs of every high school student athlete. We offer valuable educational tools and resources for student athletes, parents, and coaches to organize and share information with college coaches.

9. Do I need to make a new MySportsFolio each year?

Answer: No, you simply input your information one time and update as needed. This will follow you each year.

10. My coach told me that he registered our team on MySportsFolio and wants me to sign up, how do I join?

Answer: If your team or AAU/Club coach purchases this awesome service for the team, simply go to our Mobile Site, select your team, and complete the registration process. This is no cost to you!