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High School Coaches

My Sports Folio is like a dedicated Assistant Coach! We will keep track of your player’s personal information, be an invaluable organizational tool for you, and eliminate chasing information from players and parents. Simply send them a link and our athletic information management system will do the rest for you!

You are able to view real-time information for ALL players on your varsity teams and JV teams if you choose to include them under your team umbrella. Under your Team Discount option, you will receive an 85% discount that requires payment in full and you can collect from your players later.

Getting started is very simple:

• Register as the Head Coach

• Select the total number of players
• Select Pay Now and begin enjoying the benefits!
• Send a link to all players in your program that you would like to track.
• Players/parents register using the link and you can view athlete’s information immediately!

Registration for Coaches:

• Send Coaches the same link as Players/Parents
• Coaches Register according to their position
• They enjoy the same benefits as you!

Don’t worry - only you, coaches in your organization and college coaches can view players in your program. We protect your player’s personal information and your privacy – no other teams can view your player information.

Thank you for your interest! Please contact MySportsFolio for High School Package pricing at 864-434-1186 or email:

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