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MySportsFolio® is here to streamline your process and strengthen your resources when searching for potential future athletes for your program. We are excited to share a new way for you to connect with high school student athletes and coaches! MySportsFolio works closely with high schools to offer them a convenient and easy way for student athletes to organize their information so they may present well to you as prospective college coaches. Best of all, we are able to provide you with all of this valuable information for FREE!


We realize that the recruiting process is a time-consuming investment for you and your staff. We designed an Athletic Information Management System to help save everyone time and money!

How many times have you been actively recruiting an athlete only to discover your athlete does not have reliable contact information, or, even worse, they are not academically eligible for recruitment? MySportsFolio® handles the legwork to provide a comprehensive look at the athlete in an easy to access format. Here are some of the items you are able to view at NO COST TO YOU:

  • Player Contact Info
  • Coach Contact Info
  • NCAA Eligibility ID
  • Academic Standings
  • SAT/ACT scores
  • Game Schedules
  • Stats
  • Videos
  • Transcripts

Getting started is very simple:

  • Request a secure link
  • Register as a College Coach
  • Log in and view your Dashboard

Other helpful features:

  • Pin your top athletes
  • View by graduation year
  • Sort easily

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