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AAU/Club/Athletic Directors

We are a great organizational tool for AAU/Club and High School Athletic Directors who play critical roles in supplying college coaches with valuable information regarding athletes in their programs. We offer single team, program, multi-team and multi-sport discounts to AAU/Club and Athletic Directors.

Getting started is very simple:

• Register as a AAU/Club or High School Athletic Director.
• Select the total number of players or teams in your program.
• Pay now and begin enjoying the benefits!
• Send a link to all of the Head Coaches in your program.
• Head Coaches can then send to their Assistant coaches, players and parents.
• Once Players/parents register, you can view ALL athletes’ information immediately!

Registration for Coaches:

• Send your Head Coach a Link
• Head Coach then sends the same link to Coaches, Player & Parents
• Coaches Register according to their position
• They enjoy the same benefits as you!

# of Players Discounted Price Cost/Player Select
1-25 $199 $8 Start Now
26-51 $299 $6 Start Now
51-100 $399 $4 Start Now
101-150 $499 $3 Start Now
151-200 $599 $3 Start Now
201-300 $699 $2 Start Now
301-400 $799 $2 Start Now
401-500 $899 $1 Start Now
501+ $999 $1 Start Now
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